Dan & Andrea’s Sunflower Wedding at the Gardens at Bethlehem Farm



January 21, 2021

“Grandma and grandpa painted a picture of sixty-five years in one little house. More than a memory, more than saying I do, kiss you goodnight’s, and I love you’s. Me and you baby, we’ll walk in their footsteps, build our own family one day at a time. Ten little toes, a painted pink room; our beautiful baby looks just like you, and we’ll build this love from the ground up…”

Dan + Shay

Andrea is one of those brides with a big heart and an even bigger smile! Her maid-of-honor is from our local area, and when she reached out looking for a photographer for her best friend’s wedding, we were so excited to add them to our list for 2020.

When their original venue became impossible to use, they switched to the incredible Gardens at Bethlehem Farm in Maryland for their October wedding. This property has so many pretty photo ops, and we really enjoyed working with this sweet couple and their super fun bridal party! Everything came together for a day that was nothing short of MAGICAL!

How they met: “Bumble the App – very romantic I know :), but the first date really sealed the deal.”

How he proposed: “After covid disrupted a planned trip to Texas where the proposal was supposed to take place Dan had me convinced that my ring was stuck at the jeweler and he wouldn’t know when they would reopen. He found time to pick up the ring and plan an even better second proposal. He staged a plan to go hiking with some of his friends at our favorite hiking spot with my dog (which was a Christmas gift he gave me a year earlier so he’s very special to us). Thank goodness I actually looked half decent because he drove us to the park where he had his friends hiding ready to take photos and a go-pro set up to record the whole thing. We walked around looking for his friends when we headed over a little bridge to a island in the middle of the lake where he finally got the courage to get down on one knee. It was something I had been waiting for since the first day we met.”

What Dan loves most about Andrea: “Her general demeanor of happiness and that she is always genuinely smiling.”

What Andrea loves most about Dan: “I love that he makes me feel like his favorite person in the whole world, every single day, other than his dog Rocky 🙂 He is my biggest supporter and motivator. Most importantly I love his love for Christ and how that love shines into our relationship.”

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