Jim & Sarah’s Romantic Micro-Wedding at Cameron Estate Inn



January 22, 2021

“This is a simple song about simple things, a boy and a girl and a wedding ring. Saying it’s simple doesn’t make it mean less. Aw, from those blue jeans, right to that wedding dress, yeah. But of all the best memories that live in my head, it’s you in those blue jeans on the day that we met. I knew right then we would be friends. You’re the love of my life…”

Stephen Kellogg

Cameron Estate Inn is one of our FAVORITE Lancaster County venues, and we’ve really enjoyed being on their preferred vendor list! They’ve become pretty well known for their micro-weddings over the past year, and we couldn’t be more excited to share Sarah and Jim’s with you! They provided lots of fun info for me to share, so I’m going to let them tell their story!

How they met: “Jim hired Sarah in 2011 to work at a local public accounting firm after she graduated from college. We became fast friends, and quickly started intermingling our friends groups. Recreational soccer leagues, Friday night happy hours, and concerts led to us becoming Best Friends. But there was always something more than “just friends.” In 2016 we decided to get serious about our relationship, and Sarah left our firm to work for another company… and the rest is history. Jim loves to tell people “I hired her, and I fired her”. Clearly two of the best decisions he/we ever made 🙂 We’ve been loving living life together since!”

How did he propose?: “If you ever told me that we would get engaged during a world-wide pandemic, I would have thought you were crazy! We picked out my engagement ring in February and it was set to arrive March 20th….the day PA shut down! I thought for sure we wouldn’t get the ring until everything opened back up again sometime in the summer. Jim, however, had other plans and worked with the jeweler to get my ring. They met in the Giant parking lot! Jim planned a picnic for us (in our living room… because we had unexpected 40 degree weather in April) with food from our favorite pizza place (Homeslice). He decorated our living room with candles, we ate our meal, cleaned up, and as we were sitting there, Jim asked me to dance with him. I’m still laughing because I remember having the thought, “Is he going to propose” but also knew he did not have the ring. He turned on a song from one of our favorite groups (OAR) and a song that is special to us both (Place to Hide). We danced and as he was dancing he got down on one knee and proposed. I was so much shock that I didn’t even say yes right away. Truly a magical moment!”

What Jim loves most about Sarah: “There is so much to love about Sarah: Her kindness, her beauty, the way she makes me feel every time she walks into the room, her snuggles and kisses…. but what I love most about her is her smile. It is truly amazing and absolutely defines who she is. We have so many pictures of us together and that is what I see first, each and every time. Being able to see that smile as she is walking down the aisle to me, I know my heart will skip a beat.”

What Sarah loves most about Jim: “I love the way he just KNOWS me… sometimes better than I know myself. He makes me laugh and smile all the time. He is kind and caring. I love his smile and beautiful blue eyes.”

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