Nate & Sierra’s Sage Backyard Wedding In Kersey, Pennsylvania



May 21, 2021

“All I know, when I’m with you, this life is better.  Everything as it should be, when we’re together.  You and me, we’ll see it through.  Oh I know it’s true, this life is better when I’m with you…”  —Tim Halperin

2020’s craziness led to the rise of the backyard wedding, and we aren’t sad about it!  There’s something special about choosing a location that means something to you/your family and getting married there.

Nate and Sierra had their wedding ceremony on family property underneath a gorgeous tree and then headed off to the local fairground for a pole barn reception with family and friends!  They wrote their own vows in books from our favorite vow book vendor, The Art of Etiquette, and it was so incredibly sweet and personal to hear their promises to each other.

Their wedding day was also one of the windiest we’ve EVER shot, and coming from people who have shot on the beach on the Eastern seaboard, the Gulf Coast, and the shores of Jamaica, you can imagine just how windy it was!  Sierra’s wise choice of an updo was in her favor as her hair stayed in place throughout the day regardless of just how windy it got!

How they met:  College – Slippery Rock University

How Nate proposed:  “Nate was deployed to Kuwait but was planning to propose when he was *supposed* to come home in November. There was a change of plans and he ended up coming home in May, about a week before my birthday. So he and Liv, my maid of honor, planned a trip to a landmark near saint marys called “top of the world” where i thought we were taking birthday pictures. Turns out it was a planned proposal and the rest is history :)”

What Nate loves most about Sierra:  “Her beautiful smile, but her laugh is a close second!”

What Sierra loves most about Nate:  “I love that Nate is the most thoughtful, patient, loving and caring person I have ever met. I have never doubted the way he feels about me and I will never have to because he reassures me daily. He is the smartest and hardest working person I know, and I know that we have a bright future because of how hard he pushes and constantly strives to better himself. “

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