Ryan & Stephanie’s Summer Wedding at Springfield Manor



August 9, 2021
“Like a river flows surely to the sea, Darling, so it goes.  Some things, you know, are meant to be.  Take my hand.  Take my whole life too, for I can”t help falling in love with you…”  —Elvis Presley

     Stephanie & Ryan were another one of our sweet couples affected by the global pandemic.  What was supposed to be a July 2020 wedding turned into a July 2021 wedding at a completely different venue!  But in my opinion, it was absolutely worth the wait!  It worked out in our favor too as their original date was supposed to be sweet Brooklyn’s due date!  We had a back-up team in place just in case, but Brooklyn ended up being three weeks early and they ended up rescheduling for 2021 so everything was seamless and perfect!

     Their wedding day ended up having the perfect weather in what had been a pretty crazy week for storms!  While it did rain, it wasn’t until ALL the outdoor pictures had been taken and everyone was safely inside for the reception!  Springfield Manor is an absolutely gorgeous venue for a wedding, and while their ceremony was actually at a nearby university chapel, we took advantage of the would-be ceremony space for some gorgeous photos with mountain views.  It truly was the sweetest of wedding days!

How they met:  “It all started back in 2011… well, sort of. My best friend, Clarissa and I were sophomores attending Mount St. Mary’s University. One Friday evening, as we were enjoying girl time (with a few beverages), Clarissa looked at her phone and said, “My friend Ryan from high school is coming to visit me tonight!” I then became excited to meet her good friend!
Later that night, Ryan came to our closet sized dorm room. We all had a great time and it didn’t take long to learn that he was a down to earth, very kind, funny and handsome guy. But while I was in a relationship at the time, I didn’t think much of it, until…
…Flash forward to September 2012. Clarissa and I were going to the Great Frederick Fair/Scotty McCreery Concert in Frederick, MD. One of her friends from high school, who was supposed to go to the concert with us, cancelled last minute. Clarissa panicked and ultimately thought of inviting Ryan, so we wouldn’t waste money on the extra ticket. Clarissa frantically called Ryan and he hesitantly said yes, (even though he had a hatred for country music at the time) and came with us to the concert. We had a great time and from that moment on, we communicated via text all day every day. We became great friends.
Flash forward to October 31st, 2012. Ryan and his roommates invited Clarissa and I to Shippensburg University (where Ryan went to college) to a big Halloween Party. Ryan was dressed up as Mario from Super Mario Bros and I was dressed up as a nurse. One thing led to another and we decided to take the plunge and went on our first date November 12, 2012. We have been inseparable, having fun and laughing ever since.”
How he proposed:  “We went to Ryan’s family beach house in Avalon, NJ.  He proposed on the dock and all our close friends were there.”
What Stephanie loves most about Ryan:  “He brings out the best in me and he also accepts me for who I am.  He is my rock and my better half.”

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